5 Best Tips – How Old Is My Laptop?

In this fast-paced world, a large number of people are using laptops or computers. And doing their daily routine tasks on their machines.

Most of the time, we may purchase a used laptop and don’t know the manufacture date or age of the laptop. It is very important that we should have knowledge about checking the age of the laptop while purchasing.

Reasons Why It Is Valuable To Know How Old Is My Laptop

There are several reasons why everyone should know about the age of his/her personal laptop.

  • The first reason is that if a laptop goes old, it may fail to perform its functionalities properly. They did not support the latest features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. To work perfectly, it is very essential to have some up-gradation in it.
  • While purchasing the laptop, it is an important factor to know about the age because it can help you to decide whether to buy it or not.
  • Some latest software does not work adequately in old-aged laptops. If you know the machine’s age then this will help you with this problem.
  • If you know the age of your laptop then you can easily check the validity of a Warranty. And without repairing the laptop by spending money you can repair it directly through the laptop maintenance center.
  • If you found that your laptop is very old and know the exact age, you can buy a new one instead of improving its performance

Signs of an Old-Aged Laptop

Some important signs that show you whether the laptop is too old or not.

  • The laptop takes a lot of time while doing the tasks which means its performance-level goes down.
  • It does not support the latest software like data calculation, gaming, and video editing software.
  • Laptop’s fan sounds louder, generates more heat, or may create the hard drive problem.
  • While turning on and off, the Laptop takes much time.

So, are you interested in determining how old is my laptop and want to get rid of some troubles? If you are saying yes, this is the post from where you can get all the answers and solutions to your questions.

There is a number of easy methods available that determine the manufacturing date of your laptop/computer.

Let’s check out.

Tip 01 – Check the date of OS Installation

If you are using a Windows operating system on your machine, you can easily compute your laptop’s age by locating the windows installation date.

  • Type Command Prompt on the windows search bar and run it as an administrator.
Command Prompt option on the windows search bar
  • Type wmic os get installdate command and press Enter Button. You will get the installation date of your windows OS from the first six digits.
wmic os get installdate command on cmd

Tip 02 – Check the BIOS Information

The best way to check how old is my laptop is through the BIOS information. There are two methods of checking the BIOS Information. One is by typing systeminfo on command prompt and the second is using the Application of System Information.

Method 01

  • Open the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Type systeminfo and hit the enter button. Wait till the command executes completely. You will see the list and below you will get the BIOS Version from where you can find the date.
 systeminfo command on cmd

Method 02

Furthermore, you can also check the BIOS Version via System Information’s tool.

  • Open the Run Application by pressing the Windows + R Keys.
  • Type msinfo32.exe in the input field and hit the Enter Button.
msinfo32.exe command on Run
  • After typing the application name, the system information application will appear on the screen. From where you can see the BIOS Version.
system information application

Tip 03 – Check Hardware Information (Serial Number)

This is another way of finding out how old is my laptop. A sticker with a serial number printed on it may be pasted on the back or under the chassis of the laptop. Record the serial number and save it on your notepad. Type it on your internet browser in the below-specified format:

[Laptop’s Brand Name + Serial Number]

Then You will get the manufacture’s website from where you can see the important details including the manufacturing date.

In this way, you can get the answer to your question.

Tip 04 – Check your laptop’s age by searching Model Number Online

Searching Model Number on the internet is the easiest way of getting the age of your laptop.

First, it is necessary to have the model number of your laptop. If you don’t know the system model, follow tip # 02 which is mentioned earlier, and find out.

After that, visit the official manufacturing website and get all the important information about your machine.

Tip 05 – Check the Date Modified of Folders in C Drive

This is also a simple way of finding how old is my laptop but it does not show 100% perfect results. You check the date modified portion in the folders of C drive. Before checking, make sure that no file or folder is hidden all are shown.

  • Open the C drive in your Windows
  • And check the date modified list.


To conclude the content, these are the 5 different tips to know how old is my laptop and are explained properly. By following these tips, you can easily determine the age of your laptop/computer. We hope that you can get a lot from this content.

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