How to Cool Down Laptop While Gaming?

When you are playing your favorite game, your laptop gets hot. This is not a good sign for your laptop. Heat is the number one killer of laptops.

It is even worse if you are working or playing games for hours. This is because the heat has plenty of time to do damage to your laptop’s hardware.

Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to prevent your laptops from overheating. Cooling your laptop while gaming is essential in maintaining your laptop in a long life.

If you are playing games with your laptop on the bed, on the sofa, or on the floor, you are exposing it to dust particles, lint, dirt, pet hair, etc. which are extremely bad for your cooling system.  

However, there are several methods that work in cooling down your laptop. So let us discuss how to cool down laptop while gaming.

Tips to Cool Down the Laptop

Choose a Suitable Surface for Gaming

Laptops are not for lounging on. They need to be placed on solid, flat surfaces in order to operate properly, especially when you’re using high-performance applications.

If you use your laptop on soft surfaces like beds and pillows, the vents will become blocked and cooling efficiency will decrease significantly.

Laptop stands raise your computer up and allow air to circulate through the bottom; we recommend using a stand under your MacBook if you’re working with it on a couch or bed.

Buy a cooling laptop

A laptop cooling pad can be a useful tool for gamers who don’t know how to properly cool their laptops. It extends the life of your laptop as well as ensures that it functions steadily and continually during those long gaming sessions.

These devices normally have USB slots to plug into the laptops themselves and sometimes you need additional power supplies as well if it means a longer operating time.

The best way to determine whether you need one is first to see if your gaming laptop has a vent on the bottom or sides.

If you find that your gaming laptop’s vent is on the side, then it will block the pad from getting any airflow because it will block up both vented areas at once.

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Check Laptop Fans

It’s best to leave hardware issues up to a specialist who has the tools, resources, and knowledge to solve problems that arise from overheating.

Overheating can cause damage to your computer as well as lead to other issues such as freezing and crashing. In modern gaming systems, several fans are installed for effective cooling which normally should not run at maximum speed constantly.

If one of these fans fails, the cooling performance of the entire system will suffer. You can use a software program like Speccy to make sure all of your fans are still working properly and set at a reasonable maximum RPM (revolutions per minute).

It’s important as you’re looking to improve how fast your laptop works, not to forget about your fans. A faulty fan can cause your laptop performance to decrease dramatically.

When a fan is not working properly it makes strange noises which you can identify as malfunctioning. The best way to catch a failing fan before it burns out completely is with the help of a hardware monitor app.

Something like iStat Menus will display a warning if one, two, or all three of your fans are acting up and using too much voltage or RPMs which could burn them out or greatly decrease their lifespan.

Clean the Laptop Fan and Case

When all fans are acting normally it is time to do some straightening up! With older laptops, it’s common for the dust to start collecting over months and years of use, which hinders the cooling performance. When fans or ventilation grates begin to get clogged with dust buildup, your laptop begins to overheat.

To help prevent overheating from occurring in the future, make sure you have a few good-quality compressed air cans on hand so you can blow any remaining dust out of those vents once a year!

Just be sure not to spray the compressed air into any moving parts as they might be damaged by one too many sprays.

Unfortunately, this is a DIY project so if you don’t feel comfortable with doing this yourself there is always the option of taking it to a professional cleaner.

Some shops now offer ‘laptop tune-ups’ where they will bring the device into their shop and do a deep clean as well as upgrade memory and cleaning registry errors if present.

Your gaming laptop will inevitably become covered in dust over time. If you are not prepared to clean the inside of the laptop, don’t use it for heavy gaming.

Carefully remove any excess dust with cotton swabs or a vacuum cleaner equipped with a thin attachment tube. The best way to keep your laptop safe from dust is to give it a once-over every few months using compressed air.

Keep in mind that even with cleaning, laptops still have moving parts that can wear out quicker than desktop PCs – especially if you’re using your notebook every day for gaming.

Renew Thermal Paste

If your thermal grease looks bad on your laptop, you might want to think about changing it. As with other desktop components, the thermal paste may lose its effectiveness over time.

If your CPU is easily accessible, you can unscrew the CPU cooler and replace the paste or simply replace it with a different substance altogether such as a generic thermal paste like Cooler Master instead of using the kind that comes with it.

Though these materials do vary in quality and performance, everyone has their own preference – and what works perfectly for one customer doesn’t necessarily mean switching to a generic one will harm your device.

You may even find that some brands offer better results than what is typically supplied by PC manufacturers; we suggest requesting customer feedback before opting to use any given brand of thermal compound though to avoid disappointing results due to incompatible substances being applied resulting in poor heat transfer.

Upgrade Hardware

Installing an SSD on your laptop can lower its temperature. As for laptops, it should be noted that upgrading hardware is always good.

The first step to managing things like the CPU’s cooling should a laptop become too hot, as a gaming laptop especially should never be left unattended without being monitored because instances, where the CPU has been damaged from overheating, have been known to occur.

To keep things running smoothly and reduce the chances of any potential setbacks during gameplay, maintaining your gaming rig’s optimal temperatures should be made a priority as much as possible because as we all know it can become uncomfortable even as you’re winning.

Stop Running Too Many Programs

It’s important to remember that the temperature of your hardware is directly linked to its load.

If it’s running full-throttle for an extended period of time, you should shut down any programs that are running regularly by bringing them into the foreground rather than allowing them to run in the background.

High-performance applications such as games should be brought forward first so as not to overload your system.

Browsers can also be resource hogs, particularly “Google Chrome” or “Mozilla Firefox”, so you might want to try using fewer memory apps instead.

FAQs Related How to Cool Down Laptop While Gaming?

Is it bad if your laptop gets hot?

If the internal temperatures stay too warm for too long, you may experience performance issues, errors, and premature hardware failure.

Yes, heat can kill your computer.  You should take action as soon as you notice things getting a little toasty around here

Can a laptop explode from overheating?

Many incidents have been reported recently of laptops exploding due to becoming overheated. These explosions can cause burns.

Apart from the explosion, the overheating of a laptop can singe its interiors leading to ruined parts within it.


Laptops are usually equipped with efficient cooling systems in order to prevent damage to the hardware. Still, in long-running gaming sessions, the laptop may become uncomfortably hot leading to a slow down in performance.

Cooling down the laptop while gaming can be achieved by running the laptop in standby mode. But keep in mind that this method will significantly reduce the laptop battery efficiency.

The most efficient way to cool down a laptop while gaming is to install an efficient cooling system on your laptop. We have discussed many other ways to cool down the laptop. I hope that you will understand that how to cool down laptop while gaming.

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