How to Fit Laptop Screen to TV Windows 10?

Laptops are the favorite gadget for today’s generation. It can be used for various purposes like gaming, business, education, social media, video calling, etc. Most of the people asked that How to fit laptop screen to TV windows 10.

If you are using Windows 10 on your notebook/laptop, you probably noticed that when you connect it to your TV via an HDMI cable.

The laptop screen is not that easy to watch. Usually, when you plug your laptop into the TV, the laptop screen goes to the right side of the TV screen, but it is almost impossible to watch, especially if you are trying to watch a movie.

This article provides tips on how you can adapt the screen in Windows 10 to the environment in which you use your laptop.

Different Methods of fitting a laptop screen to TV window10

There are several methods in connecting your laptop to another monitor/screen. Apart from the three-wire connection, there are HDMI cables that are wireless.

Sometimes you can make use of older wires like SCART, for connecting it with CRT monitors, or VGA for connecting it with an LCD TV screen.

You do not have to worry about any of this since Philips 32PFL5606S 32-Inch 720p Flat Panel is the solution to all your problems.

How do I fit my Windows 10 laptop screen on TV over HDMI?

You can use a USB type C to HDMI adapter to connect your laptop to your TV.

  • First, you will need an HDMI cable as well as a USB type C cord for this as the laptop port will be built into the iPad.
  • To set up the connection just simply plug in one end of the HDMI cable to your TV and plug in the other end into the adapter that is plugged into the USB port on your computer.
  • Next, you will want to activate mirroring or Extend Desktop mode depending on what operating system you are using so not only do you see pictures but you can control everything right from your keyboard and mouse pad.
  • The last thing you’ll need is an app called Air server which is available for download through their website. Most of the people asked that how to fit laptop screen to TV windows 10? so it is very easy through HDMI.

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How to fix the Resolution?

Now if you’re like most people, your computer doesn’t automatically display the full image when it’s hooked up to a TV even if your laptop is capable of doing so, you may not notice the option to do so. But don’t worry, luckily there’s an easy way to fix this problem.

TV’s have never been so important in our lives. They are the newest entertainment devices that have changed how we entertain ourselves.

Compared to older TVs, more people prefer to buy an FHD TV except for older persons who might still prefer a lower resolution screen.

According to many user guides and manuals, generally, FHD TVs come with 1920×1080 pixels; however, it is preferred that you check your TV’s manual or simply search it on the internet to get any further info regarding this matter!

Once you’ve made your TV’s resolution settings clear, come back to your laptop. Using your trusty pointer – the one that came with your computer – click on the search option in Windows’ taskbar and type “settings”.

Then from the result that comes up click on System to open up system settings. Under the display tab, scroll down until you see scale and layout and use the drop-down menu at the top of it to set up a resemblance between screen resolutions for both gadgets.

Fixed the screen position

Users might want to change their screen orientation from time to time. If you find yourself in this scenario, Windows 10 makes it easy to adjust .finding the right setting to fit your TV’s resolution is very simple.

It’s effortless too! To begin, click on the Windows Launcher at the bottom of your screen and type “Settings”. When search results appear, click on “Settings” to open System Settings.

On this menu, click on System under the left-hand sidebar, then Display on the right-hand sidebar. There are many options available but you want to find two of them – Scale & Layout and Display Orientation.

Using the drop-down menu set the screen orientation to match that of your TV with Display Orientation under Scale & Layout.

Take in your mind

One must take care that the operating system to which you’re connecting is Windows 10, 8, or 8.1.

The reason behind this is user-friendliness and effortless settings so you can properly set up a connection and display things in a way you prefer if you download the software, interface, and connect with the internet for this purpose.

Which problems occur after the Connection?

For most of the time, there are no hiccups when it comes to connecting a laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable. However, be advised that sometimes it may seem as if your display is either being stretched or compressed, but this is only an after-effect that should go away eventually once you make some necessary adjustments.

The best way to do so is by creating a custom resolution for your project and saving it as the default one after having done all your required tasks. Through this article, we are completed our aim to deliver some information about fitting laptop screen to TV windows 10.

FAQ Related to the Topic

How do I scale my TV Windows 10?

To get started, just right-click any space on your desktop and select Display settings from the context menu. Alternatively, you can open up the Settings app from Start > Settings > System > Display.
Once you open up the Settings app, look for a section called ‘Scale and layout’ and under ‘Change the size of text, apps, and other items, choose your desired display scaling options.

Why is my laptop not full screen on TV?

If you want to change your laptop settings. In your computer’s display screen settings, you will need to find the option that says “scaling mode” or something similar and change it to the full panel.
This is so your computer will show an image on the whole screen even though the TV is lower resolution than what your laptop can handle.

How do I change my HDMI settings on Windows 10?

Right-click your taskbar and select Playback Devices. Then go to the new Playback tab and just click the name of your Digital Output Device or HDMI Miscellaneous device under ‘Listen’ and then hit Set Default. Now that’s done, you will always hear sound through the Digital Output Device or HDMI channel.

How do I change my screen size on HDMI?

For Windows 10 users, right-click on the Start button and select Control Panel. Open the Display icon to find out which resolution your computer is currently set at.
If your TV screen has the same resolution settings, leave it alone; if not, read on! The next step is clicking on the Scale and Layout link located near the top of this box.
Here you can change by resizing your display (which should be set at “100 %”) or any other amount between these two amounts.

How do I change my monitor input to HDMI?

Plug the HDMI cable into the PC’s HDMI output plug. Plug one end of an HDMI cable to your monitor or TV and connect the other end to your computer’s HDMI output port.
Turn on the external display and when you see your screen flicker, it means Windows has detected an external display has been connected and has started projecting its output on it.

How do I change the aspect ratio on HDMI?

There are several ways to open Display Settings. One way is to search for the settings from the Start menu. Click Start, click Settings, and then click Control Panel.
From there, just open Personalization and then click Display Settings. If you’d like, you can even change your settings here as well as save them before clicking OK.


 Windows 10 is the best operating system as such it is the best to use for your PC and laptop. With it, you can do different things and one of them is to connect your laptop screen to the TV.

You can do this by connecting the laptop to the TV and then connecting the HDMI cable and you will be able to do all your work on the big screen.

However, if you want to make the screen fit the TV screen you will need to do a few things which were already described in this blog.

We hope you enjoyed our article about how to fit laptop screen to TV windows 10. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your business meetings and collaborate with ease on projects when using video conference software like Zoom through the laptop on your TV.

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