How to Improve Laptop Gaming Performance?

The gaming industry is going through a major revolution. With more and more people shifting to gaming laptops due to their portability and compatibility with gaming applications, it is only fair to ask the question, “how to improve laptop gaming performance?”

This is true especially because laptop users are required to deal with smaller form factors, heavier weight, and less upgradability, for the sake of portability.

With the popularity of on-the-go gaming increasing, many people are looking into improving laptop gaming performance. Laptops may be powerful and portable, but they don’t always perform as well as desktops. But don’t worry this blog will tell you how to improve laptop gaming performance.

Keep Your Laptop Clean

To effectively maintain your laptop, utilize a proactive attitude. Your computer is only as good as it’s treated, and giving it enough care will allow you to maintain its performance for longer because dust and other small particles will no longer build up inside the vents causing the unnecessary build-up of heat which could otherwise lead to overheating.

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This way, your machine can perform smoother and more efficiently allowing you to get a better gaming experience out of it. The best way to clean this is to remove the dust.

This isn’t that easy, though. Most devices are tightly secured, which can make opening them void the warranty, and it’s not like you want to take the device apart every time it gets dirty inside unless this is something you’re able to do yourself (not something many people can do – doing so isn’t always safe).

However, you don’t just have to worry about your laptop vents when trying to keep it free of harmful buildup. Next time you play with your PC gaming, be sure not to use foods on your keyboard because trying hard order trying not to breathe at all when in-game in order to prevent food or other objects in your mouth from getting into it if in hopes of reducing the risk of developing sticky keys issue.

Keep Your Laptop Clean

Upgrade the laptop

Laptops are famously non-upgradeable they don’t have the same type of hardware friendliness as desktops nor do they have any spare room inside to accommodate new parts.

Fortunately, many laptops use external USB options for upgrading and there are plenty of parts that can be increased and upgraded. Some popular examples include ­ RAM and here we’re talking about memory speed and amount, either/or both of which will help with gaming performance a lot by running smoothly with all those pretty graphics turned on at once.

Storage – this usually means getting a brand-new SSD or high-speed M.2 drive as these parts make games load far more quickly as well as greatly improving in-game performance considerably with shorter load times General Recommendations: • Go through your laptop’s BIOS menu first • Try installing the newest drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

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Update Laptop Drivers

When you use, maintain and update your computer or laptop, it’s vital to make sure the drivers are always up to date OR you run the risk of hardware damage and even complete system failure.

Therefore, operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux will often do this for you as part of their standard update process – promising!

But sometimes if your graphic drivers aren’t current then an update won’t work properly. Other times having an outdated driver might mean there’s a better one that will run more efficiently if you keep on top of things yourself.

As such it is important to regularly update drivers for all your key components (which includes the network adaptor card) so they continue to perform at their best levels consistently over time.

Update Laptop Drivers

Optimize Your Laptop for Gaming by Updating DirectX

A collection of software tools that provide pixels for videos games, DirectX is an essential part of gaming on Windows. The most recent version, DirectX 12 Ultimate was launched in 2020.

It provides a tool for developers of Windows 10/Xbox systems to use when designing video games. To check your current DirectX version: Press WIN + R to open the Run dialog box. Type dxdiag and press Enter Wait until the DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens up on your computer’s screen.

Close Background Apps

We’re assuming you’re running Windows 10 for many of these tips to ensure the most optimized experience. If not, there is a manual change you can make to your laptop before you launch a game.

Once you’ve done that, look at the System Tray. This part of the Windows taskbar lists apps that are running in the background while you play games on Steam.

Right-click each icon and close it, unless it is relevant to your game experience. For example, keep your graphics card management app open if you run into issues or glitches while playing games like XCOM 2 on PC because there will be moments when you need to check how much render power you’re using (through proprietary software made by different manufacturers).

Online Gamers: Check Your Network Speed

If you’re playing online games, it is normal to have lagged in some cases. This lag can be caused by your hardware, the drivers that are working on your computer, or even how you have your computer configured.

One cause of slow connection in games is when you have a slow internet connection speed. If you are experiencing problems when playing online games it could be due to a number of things including your wireless network card not being able to send information quickly through your local area network due to an outdated version of the software being used for this purpose.

Online Gamers: Check Your Network Speed

Manage automatic updates

As technology gets better day by day, updates are mandatory for all of us. But, if you are someone who isn’t much tech-savvy, updating your files and downloading them via windows update may get a bit difficult.

However, Microsoft has explained installation steps so that one can carry out the update process successfully without any issue or glitch. Unfortunately, you can’t schedule Windows Updates permanently, so here are the following options to try out: Keep Your Computer Offline. Install Updates Promptly.

You can tell Windows when it’s okay to check for updates by setting up ‘Active Hours.’ From Windows 10 version 1903, there is a setting in which you can temporarily halt updates for up to 35 days. This will not bypass security patches that are needed for your system’s stability, however.

You can’t completely disconnect from the internet, no matter if you’re using a gaming laptop or desktop computer with an active WiFi connection.

As soon as you turn on your device any background updates that have been scheduled to install will begin. This is true whether the machine has just turned on for the first time since being turned off or if you’ve just opened up your browser, but especially true in the case of Steam. Steam servers are notorious for pushing updates out and downloading other games while you’re actually playing one.

FAQs Related How to Improve Laptop Gaming Performance?

Why is my gaming laptop so slow?

After a certain period of time straight out of the box, laptop components start to pile up dust. This usually happens as a result of the device being used frequently and it affects negatively their ability straight away keep computers cool, as well as causes performance issues over time.

Is 32GB RAM overkill?

32GB of RAM for a gaming computer is probably more than most users would dream of needing. Gaming rigs with 32GB memory capacity are just trying to keep up with their more enthusiastic counterparts. In general, 32GB RAM sizes being so high fall under the overkill category which is exactly what some people want in an amusement device because more often than not, games don’t require so much memory.


The gaming industry has evolved a great deal since the inception of the first gaming laptop. Indeed, the hardware of a laptop is now quite powerful.

However, the laptop still has a disadvantage over desktop computers. That disadvantage is the cooling system. The cooling system of a desktop computer is very effective as compared to that of a laptop.

With the recent release of gaming laptops, people are now able to use their gaming laptops for mobile gaming. The problem is that gaming laptops are still lacking behind the desktop gaming rigs.

There are several ways that you can improve your gaming laptop’s performance. This blog will provide some steps on how to improve laptop gaming performance.

I hope that you will understand how to improve laptop gaming performance.

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