How to Play Xbox on HP Laptop?

Game consoles have been a staple in the entertainment industry for a long time. Their quality and capabilities have been getting better and better each year.

While most people have a PlayStation or a Wii, a lot of people have a computer that can play these games as well. If you’re a huge gamer, you’re going to want to know how to play Xbox games on a computer.

This is a basic guide that gives you everything you need to know about how to play Xbox on hp laptop with a couple of different applications. So, let us discuss!

How To Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One?

To connect your laptop to your Xbox, make sure you have an HDMI cable handy and all necessary adapters and go through the following steps:  

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your Xbox.
  • Switch on your Xbox and wait a few minutes for your laptop to detect it.

Connect Your Xbox to your laptop

The Xbox is a gaming system that connects to your computer monitor, television, or other devices for displaying its graphics. You can use alternative methods for connecting this device as well.

We’ve talked about some of the best ways to connect your laptop to the television. It is possible, however, to broadcast another input onto your TV – this time with video game consoles!

Below are some tips on how you can have your Xbox or PS3 wired up directly to your Roku so that no matter where you sit on the couch you will be able to play.

Play Xbox One on Laptop Screen With HDMI

HDMI is a type of connection that transmits video and audio from one device to another through a cable. When you want to connect your Xbox and laptop via HDMI, make sure the connecting device is properly configured as an HDMI output, or else you will be disappointed with the results.

The HDMI Output sends video and audio signals to the HDMI Input, which means that you’ll have to connect its HDMI Output to an HDMI powered device such as your laptop’s HDMI Input port. Ensure that your laptop has an HDMI Input and follow the guide below:

Turn off your Xbox. Turn off your computer and disconnect any HDMI or USB cables you aren’t using. Plug one end of the HDMI into your Xbox, then plug the other end into the laptop’s HDMI port.

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Switch on the laptop; Windows will tell you that it’s detected an activation code until you authorize it. Once authorized, plug the HDMI cable into your Xbox One console.

This will enable you to access your console directly from your laptop at any time via the Internet (wirelessly). Go to “All Settings” > “Display & Sound” > “Adjust View”.

Select either 720p or 1080p depending on what you’d like to watch on full-screen if given a choice between 720p and 1080p.

Make sure that status is set as active with “Content option: Best for built-to-spec computers.” This way, you’ll be able to connect wirelessly without having to buy extra equipment devices.

Use A Wireless Connection To Use Your Laptop

When you don’t have an HDMI cable or your laptop doesn’t have the right ports for it, Wi-Fi is an excellent alternative. This method requires both your Xbox and your laptop to be connected to the same WiFi network.

It’s best to use the connection between your laptop and its modem (which can be accessed on some laptops through settings), and then select ‘Share’ on your laptop under the ‘Wi-Fi’ section. Then “allow alternative network users to connect through [you’re] Wi-Fi connection”.

Requirements for Connection

Before setting up a wireless connection between your laptop and your computer, several things must be installed on the laptop.

  • First of all, upgrade to Windows 10 or at least 7, then download the Xbox app conveniently accessible on the Windows store.
  • Once downloaded, install DirectX 1 which you will also find on the Windows Store. Once installed, follow the guide to set up your wireless connectivity.
  • With your laptop and Xbox, one can view what’s happening on the other device free of charge.
  • The first thing you need to do is open the Xbox App. Scroll to “Settings”, and select “Connection”.
  • Select the Xbox you want to connect with, then click on “Stream,” Once you hit that link you should start viewing what is happening around your friend’s console.

How To Stream Your Game From Xbox One App?

If you want to stream your game from your Xbox One app, you need to sign in to your Xbox live account. Once that is completed, go to your laptop, locate the Bluetooth settings, and pair up your controllers.

However, if your laptop does not have Bluetooth installed already then you just need to locate it and download it before pairing up the controllers and starting streaming. Using the Xbox App, go to Settings and select “Device Connection”.

Make sure the option for Allow game streaming is on. Next, check that your wireless Network Allows connections from any device connected to the same network is also ticked.

When you’re ready to connect with another device, sending a game or an app from your Xbox One can be as easy as selecting it and hitting stream.

FAQs Related to the Topic

Can I Use My Laptop As A Monitor for My Xbox 360?

While not supported on all laptops, you can connect some models to Xbox 360. You need to follow the same steps that you would when connecting anything with HDMI.
Connect your HDMI cable from your laptop to the monitor port on your Xbox 360 so that it shows on the monitor.

How To Connect Xbox One To Laptop Windows 10?

If you want to hook up your computer screen with an Xbox, then this is the solution right here. First of all, attach an HDMI wire from the laptop port to a USB port in the back.
Afterward, you can connect one end of an HDMI cord to a TV and the other end to a DVD player or Xbox input port. You need Windows 10 and it also has to be connected over wireless internet connection through Microsoft’s Xbox App.
Log in using your Xbox account details, click on “Connect” and select the right screen that corresponds with where you want it to show (i.e. laptop or TV).

Can we Play Xbox One on a Laptop Without a TV?

This should be an easy fix, but sometimes things become more difficult once they don’t function properly. The audio settings on the Xbox aren’t working correctly, and perhaps this is because the audio output doesn’t seem to be set to HDMI or your laptop.
Therefore, you might require a workaround until Microsoft updates its operating system. Perhaps we could connect our computer or mobile device to the television and use that as a monitor and connect it with the Xbox through an HDMI cable.


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