Useful Guide: How to Remove Computrace from Laptop?

Computrace is a technology used by companies such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo to protect company laptops from theft.

Computrace is a software solution that comes with some pre-installed programs. It allows you to find a lost computer and recover it.

While this solution has its benefits, there is a big problem with it, it is a privilege escalation hack tool. It is a tool that is commonly used by corporations to keep track of their laptops when they are out of the office. It is meant to make it easier if the laptop is lost or stolen.

In this blog, we will discuss how to remove computrace from laptop, and some of the different ways that can be used to help.

Steps of Removing Computrace from Laptop

While computer theft was once limited to padlocks and security wires, the methods are now far more sophisticated.

Computrace is a computer module that is installed on the computer motherboard. When activated or enabled via sending of a GPS signal to its location, this feature works independently of any operating system.

Activating it is a permanent solution. It’s true that not every computer comes with Computrace pre-installed on the device but the ones that do can have it deactivated from your computer’s BIOS settings option menu.

To ensure your data is safe always make sure you enable Stolen Computer Alerts which will automatically turn off Computrace just in case someone stole your laptop.

You have to follow some steps to remove this:

  • Hold down the power button on your laptop to turn it off. After you see the manufacturer’s logo appear, start up your computer again. The BIOS key can be found on the BIOS menu, which appears before you get to Windows. Though BIOS keys vary across manufacturers, most companies activate the BIOS menu by pressing “Del” or “F2” (see Resources). Hold down power or F2 to start up.
  • The “Security” tab can only be selected via keyboard since the mouse cannot make a selection. You have three options to choose from. In order from least secure to most secure, they are Inactive, Require Password on Wakeup, and Unlock Workstation.
  • You can turn off or put your computer to sleep by going into the power-management menu and selecting “Standby” followed by pressing “Enter.” While computers do not require a lot of electricity, they may still continue to draw a small amount of power while switched off even if disconnected from a power supply. If you do not want any unneeded electricity usage for this reason or because you wanted to leave them suspended in space, press the “F10” key, and the computers will boot briefly so as to adjust themselves accordingly before shutting down permanently.

Other Ways to Remove Computrace

Uninstall Computrace LoJack through the programs

Many computers come pre-installed with a program called LoJack for Laptop from Absolute Software.

Absolute Software’s free LoJack for Laptop program protects laptops from theft and gives owners peace of mind by providing access to an online system that helps track, locate, lock or even delete a missing laptop.

Computrace LoJack outperforms the preinstalled LoJack software because it includes a suite of advanced features that allow users to quickly recover stolen laptops even if they have been hacked and brings owners peace of mind each time they use their laptop.

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If you own a computer where you can’t find your preinstalled Absolute Software application, but would still like to gain the full benefits offered by the Computrace software suite, follow the guide to remove LoJack from your computer so you can enjoy all of our security features.

The Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems include these features. Click Start, then delete the program you want to uninstall, and finally click OK.

Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 8 & Windows 10 come with this feature. To open Programs and Features, hold down the CTRL key together. Then you can click Uninstall in the list to uninstall Computrace LoJack for Laptop Premium.

Use of uninstaller.exe of Lojack

Uninstall.exe or Uninst000.exe is a utility that lets you uninstall the program from your computer quickly and easily.

The Computrace LoJack program includes these files in its installation file, so if you have any concerns about this functionality is included as part of the installation, please consult the documentation before installing.

Installation of the LoJack anti-theft product is required on this machine. Please uninstall it first before installing our newest model.

After you’ve deleted the original file (here referred to as uninstall000), please then run the install LoJack file to completely remove any trace of our previous product’s installation on your computer.

Reinstalling Computer Jack for uninstalling

Corrupt or missing files can, in fact, prevent us from uninstalling a program. We can sometimes fix this problem by reinstalling Computer Jack for Laptop Premium the solution to such a problem may be to uninstall and then reinstall what we want to get rid of.

The easiest way for this to take place is by using the installer from the disk or downloading it directly from what we’re trying to remove.

In other cases, we can often select Repair within the installer itself which allows us to choose exactly what should be fixed before proceeding with what we were originally going to do.

FAQs Related How to Remove Computrace from Laptop?

Will flashing BIOS remove Computrace?

No, it is not possible to delete Computrace by using the BIOS flash utility. No, it is not possible to delete Computrace by repairing or removing files.

Should I permanently disable Computrace?

If enabled, Computrace will run in the background to monitor your computer remotely should anything go awry.
When this happens, you are then able to remotely locate your system. If one does not wish for Computrace to be used on their device, it should be disabled instead of completely terminated to ensure the best possible results.

How do I turn off Absolute Monitoring Service?

To uninstall Absolute Reminder simply open the Control Panel, select the Uninstall a Program option, and then once it populates with any programs that are currently installed on your computer scroll until you find Absolute Reminder. Double-click on the program to uninstall it completely from your system.


Computrace is software that is used in tracking and locating laptops when they are stolen. Though it is an effective approach to tracing the missing laptops, it is a very risky product to have on your laptop.

Computrace is a service that allows your computer to send and receive data from laptops even if your computer is disabled and there’s no bootable device available.

It also allows laptops to automatically install and update software and drivers on your computer even if you don’t want it.

Computrace is enabled by default on Dell computers and sometimes it is used as a rootkit to spy on you and even as a backdoor to take control of your computer.

In this guide, we have compiled the ways to remove computrace from laptops. These ways are very easy. I assure you after reading this you will easily understand how to remove computrace from laptop.

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