A Detailed Guide: How to track a Stolen Laptop with a Serial Number?

Losing a laptop is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Losing a laptop is a nightmare for small business owners.

It can cost your business data, time, and even money. And if you don’t act fast enough, the chances are that you will lose all this data.

The laptop can be a source of personal information, business information, or both. A laptop doesn’t have to be lost to be stolen.

In some cases, you might be able to recover your laptop if you know how to track a stolen laptop with a serial number. You have to hope that you have a good backup of your data.

If you have a computer with a serial number, then you should be able to recover your laptop. In this blog, we will take a look at how you can track a laptop with a serial number and what you can and can’t do with a serial number.

So, let us discuss how you can do it?

Can You Track a Stolen Laptop with Serial Number?

We all want things to go smoothly and expect the best out of a situation. It’s a good idea to take measures so that if something does go wrong, you will still have a way of tracking down your property – particularly your laptop which you rely on to get work done every day.

Be sure to record your device’s serial number so if it gets stolen or lost, there is less chance you will be total without it if it can’t be recovered via an online database.

You can be sure that your serial number won’t tell you exactly where your device is, but if you call your provider and let them know about the theft, they will be able to look up how it’s doing (e.g. maybe they’ve found and recovered it and brought it to a store or relevant person)!

It’s also very helpful to have an idea of your exact serial number should you ever lose your laptop – even though the terms of your hardware warranty state that the manufacturer does not guarantee recovery.

One way that many consumers can increase their chances of getting their stolen computers back is by contacting the manufacturers directly.

If you should end up making a police report, it helps if you know your exact serial number because this can ultimately help the investigators confirm things for you.

A laptop’s serial number is a form of identity, a digital one this time that can be reported to the police. Serial numbers may seem like a pain to keep track of because they’re mostly figures.

But don’t let that scare you off from writing them down on a checklist. It can help during an investigation if your computer gets stolen to have the serial number on the bracket.

To make sure that things go smoothly in case there is physical contact, you should get your contact information listed on your computer to avoid further confusion about who purchased it.

It is a challenge to track your stolen laptop using only a serial number. Usually, people use the information alongside other data points to track your device if you’ve installed tracking software.

Things that you Should Consider for the Safety of your Device

Make sure your Device is Registered with the Manufacture

Getting your computer enrolled is a good idea for several reasons. First, you’ll be able to receive any critical updates that the manufacturer elects to send out over time.

You can’t always know when a new bug or vulnerability will come along but if the machine is registered with the software’s manufacturer, you’re more likely to get a heads-up via email as soon as there is a patch available.

Your machine may not even really need this update, but if it keeps registering itself as being up-to-date via software authenticating servers with each boot, for example, this probably means it does.

This tool is also great as it allows you to save some cash too as you can find optional programs online at a much cheaper price than buying them directly from the company which created the product.

Install Best Tracking Software

It is crucial to make sure you protect your GPS by going online and recording it. The last thing you want is to report your GPS lost or stolen and have someone else take advantage of your hard work when the time comes!

It’s important that you gift them with a way to get in touch with you in case they do end up finding it.

This also goes for when using online tracking services, for example, Prey or Adina not only can you gift them with a way to reach out through email or phone but by doing so, you can determine if one of these services might be right for you and keep all of the data on file.

Enabling the Default Tracking Feature of the Device

Imagine if you lost your laptop. Very few will enjoy having to pay to replace it, especially after spending so much on the original one.

If you registered your product, though, it’s possible the manufacturer will send you out a replacement at no charge or you can purchase a refurbished one for a fraction of the cost!

And if you use Windows machines, well, Microsoft is trying to make that very easy. Nowadays almost all our laptops come equipped with this feature called Find My Device.

And if it’s not already on yours – don’t worry – because you can download this software today.

Track a Laptop with MAC IP

Mac and IP deal with, each is a fascinating ID that’s assigned to your device in order for the device to be diagnosed at the same time as it is connected to the internet (for example, your modem).

Basically, this is one of the most reliable ways you can use when attempting to procure information about when there are problems with devices or apps.

There’s no need to rely on practices such as Mac and IP addresses because these techniques tend not to produce enough reliable data in cases where this step isn’t thorough enough.

If you are an employer, when your employee loses their device when they’re in charge of company data, one option to get access to the device again is by obtaining the public IP address through either their smartphone or tablet’s login credentials.

This way, if they have logged in to any services on this device like Gmail, Facebook, or Outlook, for example, you can easily obtain the public IP address/es of their device(s).

Track a Stolen Laptop with Gmail

Gmail will make all the effort to improve the efficiency and empower your existence in this ceaselessly changing.

By putting in Gmail add-ons, you can attach with different individuals from around the globe to benefit from others’ issues, and opinions about your work.

In light of the fact that they know every one of them is continually controls what you do, Gmail can give you suggestions when you make a documentary after some time it recognizes your report, content style, and so forth.

This is how it grows progressively more proficient at guiding through unclear reports. It’s fairly a decent deal in reality.

Open up your Gmail web body. Scroll straight down to the bottom of your inbox and click on “show original” in the far-right corner under the classic list menu.

This will bring you to the source code view where there should be a long line of numbers labeled “network” that contain the IP address of the server that hosted that message.


A laptop can be a very valuable tool to a business and it is essential to track the laptop in the event of theft or misplaced.

Most laptops have a sticker on the bottom that allows them to be tracked. This is especially helpful if you ever have your laptop stolen.

When you can’t find your laptop, you can contact the manufacturer to report it stolen so they can disable the laptop. You can also track your laptop using the serial number on the bottom.

This article has given you instructions on how to track your laptop with the serial number and also tells the all-other possible ways to track your laptop.

I hope after reading this article you will understand how to track a stolen laptop with a serial number.

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