Useful Guide: How to turn on a Gateway Laptop without the Power Button?

Computers are a pivotal part of our lives. The modern world wouldn’t be the same without them! Computers allow us to connect with people from all over the world, colleagues, friends, and family alike.

In fact, computers have gotten so much smaller and more powerful in recent years that you can take one with you wherever you go but no matter how advanced, there may come a time when your computer simply stops working properly, it might get stuck on reboot or it might stop receiving any commands at all.

But what do you do if your laptop’s power button has stopped working? So, let us discuss how to turn on a gateway laptop without the power button.

Turning on Laptop

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to turn your laptop on but the power button seems unresponsive – you might need to take it apart.

This way, you can access the circuit board for the power button, ribbon cables that it connects to, or any other type of components that help control when your computer turns on and off.

So, to get your computer up and running again you’ll need to:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to take your laptop apart by removing the back cover and unplugging any cables that could also be holding things together. Essentially, just like a light switch, the power button on your laptop is nothing more than a place where two connections need to meet.
  • If you put them together, it springs into life and allows your computer to boot up. So, you need to find those two connections and put them together yourself.
  • First, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got this; then, take your time in connecting these two components together after which you’ll be corrected in thinking that this can turn your laptop on.
  • Since it’s rather complicated when it comes to taking one’s laptop apart, no worries if you’re unfamiliar with this method since simply being able to get the processor out of its shell is good enough.
  • While it is certainly possible to turn a laptop on without the power button, doing so is often not recommended.
  • As such, if you are uncomfortable taking apart your laptop yourself to perform repairs, you might need to look for other means of turning your computer on without the use of a power button.
  • The position of the power port will vary depending on the laptop model you’re using. Easily accessed by looking in the same place as where your power button is externally on your laptop.

Alternative ways to turn on the Gateway Laptop

When you turn your computer on, it’s really important to treat it with care. Because if you don’t, you run the risk of hurting the hardware permanently!

Here are three ways in which you can fix your laptop when the power button is permanently stuck or not working:

Using External Keyboard

If you’re already setting up an external keyboard to work with your laptop, then this could be the answer to solving your power button dilemma.

As it happens, external keyboards normally include a power button too; which means if you’ve already established this keyboard to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, then you should be able to hit these buttons in order to turn the croak up.

It depends on the laptop and keyboard you’re using. You should be able to do this with an Apple MacBook, but if you’re not connecting this to one of their machines then you may find that you won’t be able to do it.

In some cases, certain external keyboards won’t be able to provide an optimal solution for Windows laptops because of security constraints.

To help you experience what it’s like from the “other side” something I also want to suggest is that you try out a simple free tool from Microsoft called OnScreenKeyboard.

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Here are some steps to turn on the gateway laptop without the power button:

  1. You have to power off your computer and then turn it back on.
  2. The BIOS is like a brain that controls the access you have to updating and configuring hardware. When the BIOS system has been loaded up, restart your computer and enter it by pressing ESC on your keyboard, this is where all of your hardware components attached to your motherboard will communicate with one another to exchange information such as how much memory each piece of hardware has and details about storage devices such as hard disk drives attached internally. To reduce power consumption when the PC enters sleep mode, turn off enter power-saving mode – press F2 then proceed into setup or equivalent key for your system to open into the BIOS screen. Now you have to look for a “Power on By Keyboard” setting under a Power Management option.
  3. When your laptop is connected to a working power source, you want to turn it on. To do so, simply press any key or key combination that triggers the ‘Power On’ instruction on your machine. In some cases, there may be a variety of choices available that will work for this purpose.
  4. After editing and saving your BIOS settings, be sure to save and exit. Turn off your laptop and then turn it back on again with the key you just reassigned to power down; we advise holding it down until the laptop turns off completely.

Turning on by Opening the Lid

When you’re in a rush or getting ready to present your laptop quickly to your colleague, there are some easy ways to ensure everything is optimized.

For instance, if you regularly use your laptop for work, you can use an app called HotKeys, which will allow you to start up the computer with minimal effort whenever the lid of your laptop is open.

Be sure not to use this feature when traveling. This app would be better used at home or in the office where it’s safer and more convenient.

There are actually some really cool miracles you can make happen with your regular-old laptop! One super neat thing you can do is to make your regular-old laptop automatically launch when you open up its lid.

There are a few different ways this could go, but if you’re willing to try out the steps in this article or Google for possible additional instructions that may or may not be right for your specific machine then this might be something that’s very practical and useful.

Clearly, this is meant to be an option for people who turn their computer on at the beginning of the day and don’t remember to turn it off until they are ready to take a break or go home. This will enable you to shut your computer down.

FAQs Related How to turn on a Gateway Laptop without the Power Button?

How do I turn on my Gateway laptop?

On the upper right-hand corner of the monitor, look for a button that looks like a round, indented speaker. Press that and you’re all set.


Laptops are powerful and versatile devices that we use to do an incredible range of activities from easily accessing content on the Internet to learning new skills.

However, sometimes we discover we need to reboot them because they crash for some reason and we can’t do it by merely putting our finger down on a button like we would with a desktop PC.

Knowing how to turn on a gateway laptop without the power button gives us the chance to solve the problem instead of having to send away our laptop for repair or purchase a new one.

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