Hp Laptop Keeps losing Wifi Connection Windows 10 (How to fix it)?

Losing the WiFi connection while you are working or surfing the web can be frustrating. You may see the WiFi connection icon but you’re unable to connect.

This is likely because your computer is not receiving the signals. This can be caused by bounce-back effects or other factors.

There are many ways to fix the HP laptop that keeps losing wifi connection. This blog topic will take a closer look into the issue and how you can fix it. So let us discuss whether the hp laptop keeps losing wifi connection windows 10.

Why does my Wifi keep Disconnecting?

If your laptop keeps disconnecting from the wireless network it can be caused by any of multiple reasons. The most common include old hardware or other software issues.

Also, another possible reason for laptops not connecting to a wifi network is because of a forgotten WiFi password.

But whatever the reason could be, if your laptop keeps losing WiFi connection or keeps disconnecting randomly then here are things that you should try before working with a technician or replacing parts to fix your problem.

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WiFi Connection Frequently Dropping Off (Why)?

It took us a few days to realize that our wireless connection was dropping off frequently due to the issues with our laptop.

We use VPN when we want to access the internet and since we weren’t experiencing any such problems when using the same app on iPhone, we began to question our router and therefore eventually assumed that something might be wrong with Windows.

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When we looked into “the events viewer” within the laptop there were indications of an error message – it said: “WLAN AutoConfig service failed to connect to a wireless network” and this gave us clues as to what needed attention.

Fixing the Problem of WiFi Connection

Restart your Laptop and Network Devices

When your laptop keeps dropping out from your wireless network, the first thing you should try is to restart your laptop then router/modem.

To do so: Shut down your laptop, then disconnect the power cable from it. Shut down the modem attached to the router.

Cut all wires used by both devices for about one minute. Plugin both devices again. Turn on both devices, followed by your laptop.

Disable your Network Adapter Power Saving Setting

Disabling power management on your laptop will enable your wireless connection.

It’s possible that the sleep settings are causing inconvenience with the wireless network adapter. Alternatively, you can check whether it’s related to wireless security.

These are some of the steps you should employ before looking at other options.

  • Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ in ‘Run’ on your laptop -Press enter.
  • Then click on Wireless/WiFi network adapter and go for properties.
  • Now you have to click on configure button.
  • Select the Power option, uncheck the box labeled Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, and then click OK.

This will automatically solve your issue.  

Update your Network Driver

Your laptop may randomly disconnect from WiFi networks because you aren’t using the latest driver, or at least an up-to-date driver.

Laptop manufacturers usually push out varying drivers to fix different issues with their products. If this is causing your WiFi to weirdly cut the connection, then consider retrieving these new drivers by updating them on your computer.

However, traditional methods of updating drivers only address hardware issues alone; but if you don’t have the time, patience, or skills to update your drivers manually.

Driver Easy can help with that for you – in fact, it’s one of its best features. At Driver Easy, we understand how difficult it can be to find the correct driver for your computer, and how easy it is to accidentally download an unsuitable or even corrupt driver from a third-party site for your system.

With the specialized tools we have developed, you don’t need to worry about either – our database will automatically find the drivers for you.

And unlike other sites, we make every effort to ensure that all drivers are up to date and tested before they are released onto our website by using a variety of automated tools.

There are two versions available and you can pick whichever one matches your needs: the FREE version and the Pro version.

With the FREE version, updating drivers is quick and easy because it requires only a few clicks. The Pro version, however, comes with many benefits including full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download and install Driver Easy. To launch the downloaded software, open the file namedSetup.exe from the download folder.

You have to run Driver Easy and then press the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers that may be installed on your PC.

Click the Update button next to your network adapter to automatically download and install the correct driver for your computer, or click Update All Drivers to automatically download and install the most up-to-date version of all the drivers that are needed on your system.

You can sign up for a premium account to unlock access to a more advanced set of features, including an online database with regularly updated device drivers.

FAQs Related Why Hp Laptop Keeps losing Wifi Connection Windows 10?

Why does my Windows 10 laptop keep disconnecting from WiFi?

Having a poor selection of WiFi networks available by default on these devices is a common cause of connection issues.
Many users have reported that making their home network private instead of public may solve this issue.
To do so, they have to access the Network & Internet icon in the system tray. We’ve mentioned all steps so far in separate paragraphs with spaces between the full list of actions they need to take to fix the issue they are experiencing.

Why does only my laptop keep disconnecting from WiFi?

Your WiFi connection keeps dropping because you’re using the wrong network driver or it’s out of date driver.
Try using an ethernet cable for a more stable connection while downloading your new WiFi driver.


Whether you’re at home or working remotely, you need a reliable WiFi connection. When your WiFi connection is flaky, the result is constant connection dropouts and a lot of frustration.

This blog will show you how to fix WiFi connection problems and keep your connection as seamless as possible.

You need to get work done on your HP laptop, but no matter how many times you try to connect to the Internet, your Internet connection keeps dropping.

There are several reasons why this might happen. This may be due to outdated drivers and many other reasons.

Here, we discussed how to fix the issue of the Wifi connection. I hope that you will understand about the hp laptop keeps losing wifi connection windows 10 (how to fix it).

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