Is 4GB RAM Enough for Laptop?

Many people are on the market for a new laptop with Windows 10. While Windows 10 has some great new features, it also has some slight hardware requirements, so there are some things you need to know before you go shopping.

One of these things is how much RAM you need on your computer. RAM is one of the most important components on your computer, so it’s important to know how much RAM you need to avoid buying more RAM than you need.

The speed of your laptop also depends on the speed of your ram. So, in this article, you will discuss Is 4GB ram enough for laptop?

Right Specification for your Laptop is Necessary

Choosing the right specs for a new laptop (or laptop upgrades) can be like playing “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”.

You don’t want your specs to be too high or you won’t leave enough power to run something else, but you don’t want your specs to be too low either because your machine will feel slow and inadequate in the future.

RAM can refer to many things, but we’re talking about the virtual memory on your computer. This is where Windows and your applications store information, and it ensures that they run smoothly and don’t start performing slowly or randomly crashing!

Ultimately, this is one of the most important things you should invest in as a PC specialist. The more RAM you have on your PC (and no matter what kind of RAM it is).

The less often Windows has to resort to using hard disk space, which is significantly slower at recalling data than similar pieces of memory, having lots of RAM will make your computer feel much faster and more responsive because there won’t be any delays caused by over-reliance on disc space.

Laptop shoppers know a lot of RAM is key for a speedy system, but it’s not always easy to figure out what’s needed and what they can get away with.


Budget shoppers can start by purchasing a laptop with 4GB of RAM. A solid-state drive is also recommended for storage purposes.

This will allow one to have the basics done quickly and efficiently, making it work well for people who are always on the go or don’t have space available for excess cable cords or small components.

If you can find models that have user-accessible RAM slots, feel free to upgrade your machine’s memory as the need arises.

Starting off with 4GB will suffice during the budget shopping stage but additional memory may be needed during days when numerous programs run simultaneously on your computer.

Chromebooks have gotten better in recent years when it comes to the amount of storage, they have available to them.

However, when you’re deciding what kind of storage to use, consider whether your hardware selection will allow for an adequate number of tabs to be open in chrome without much lagging or stuttering.

So, when faced with the choice between having more memory or a faster storage drive, go with the faster storage drive because it will make your Chrome OS experience much smoother overall.

Is 4GB enough for Gaming?

To make sure that your home-based gaming and streaming experience is flawless, we recommend installing a minimum of 8GB of RAM on your machine; however, you may end up needing more if you want to run other programs at the same time as your game.

If you’re planning to stream or record gameplay while also playing some AAA titles on the highest settings, then it’s worth upgrading to an even bigger (and faster depending on your requirements) amount of memory.

While the majority of PCs out there will come with enough memory for common purposes such as gaming and editing apps and very little else, we would always advise getting either 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB depending on how many and what type of programs and games you need to run simultaneously.

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FAQs Related to the Topic

Is 4GB RAM enough for laptop 2021?

When it comes to using computers, most consumers are after speed and performance.
4GB of laptop RAM is usually enough, but if one is interested in performing higher-level tasks like game development or video editing then more RAM is required.
Right now 16GB appears to be the best amount for the average user who uses their computer for basic things like reading emails, browsing the web, checking social media, or watching videos.

Is 4GB enough for Windows 10 in 2021?

Operating systems like Windows 10 use hardware resources like RAM to run properly. It’s important to note that the more resources you dedicate to the operating system, the lesser will be left for other essential tasks.
If low on resources, then overall performance will suffer. This is especially true for computers that are running older hardware or are trying to support extra software (such as antivirus).
So, knowing your computer’s capabilities will require testing because each device runs differently depending on what has been installed on it already.
A minimum of 8GB Ram is suggested by PC manufacturers as a rule of thumb but ultimately, what works best depends entirely on your priorities and your personal preferences as a user.

How much RAM does my laptop need in 2021?

16GB of main system memory is plenty for most users wanting to multitask without having the system slow down at any instant.
However, for those who work on massive projects or programs that take up a lot of main memory then 32GB is optimal due to the computer needing to run multiple active processes at once.
If you fall into either one of these categories then we recommend investing in more high-end hardware from the outset rather than stuffing your computer full of RAM and suffering constant performance problems down the road.

How much RAM is compatible with laptops?

The amount of RAM you can fit in your laptop is based on the type of motherboard contained within.
It’s important to know that RAM is a physical computer part, not a program or piece of software, thus it requires its own housing.
While we don’t want to get too technical here, we thought we should mention the fact that the motherboard houses most of the important pieces (pretty much everything!) like your CPU and hard drive and other protective elements like gaskets and shields – it’s also where the memory sticks are located when they aren’t plugged into your device!
Typically speaking, most laptops come with between 2-3 slots for RAM modules (4GB each).
If you happen to notice that your laptop has 8GB but only 2GB is in use, it probably means you have two 4GB sticks in place.
So, check underneath the machine and see if there’s an empty slot available for another stick.


A laptop computer comes in a variety of diversified models and types so that you can choose the one you desire.

Based on how you use your laptop computer, you will choose one. Actually, a laptop is a necessity in our daily life.

The performance of a laptop depends on lots of factors, including the memory capacity RAM). The more memory you have, the more processing power you have.

You’ll be able to store more data, run more applications, play more graphics-intensive games, and edit large documents. In this guide, we discussed that the 4GB memory is only enough for normal use.

If you want to play high-end games then more RAM is needed so that you will play games without any lagging because RAM is directly linked to the speed of the laptop. I hope that you will understand about is 4GB ram enough for laptop.

If you have any queries regarding this topic, then tell us in the comment section or visit other blogs on our website.

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